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Sparkle in Grey: The Calendar
Old Bicycle / Grey Sparkle / Under My Bed / Lizard / Moving / Gattolino

NORMAL EDITION CD of 425 copies: 12 €
PAUPER EDITION 2xCDs of 25 copies: 35 € - SOLD OUT
mp3+flac: 7 €

This record is a perpetual calendar.
Every track is a month.
Every song matches an animal.
Evert beast teaches us how to live better and happily.
A playful and wise bestiary to be read and listened to.



The 'Pauper edition' comes with:
- CD "The Calendar" in recycled gross cardboard, with hand stamped graphics
- pro printed 28 pages calendar booklet;
- an extra CD, ‘Whispering the Calendar’, enriched by a unique hand painting by Matteo Uggeri;
- all copies numbered and signed;
- 42x60 cm Poster with the "Ciurfolona game".

Limited to 25 numbered copies

Each copy of the CD comes with:
- in recycled gross cardboard;
hand stamped graphics;
- 28 pages calendar booklet.

Limited to 425 copies