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The Wire's latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire 354 August issue includes the track by
Sparkle in Grey
“Song For Arch Stanton”, from Thursday Evening
"Formed in 2005, Sparkle in Grey’s instrumentation includes violin, bass, laptop, guitar, bagpipes, piano, polyrhythmic drums, melodica, field recordings, harsh noises and a bicycle. They cross many styles, from Industrial to electronic to Ukrainian traditional folk music to post-combat rock. Their latest record, Thursday Evening, is an Italian-Swiss production, recorded by Andrea Serrapiglio (better known as a cellist for Carla Bozulich, Scott McCloud and Zu 93). Themed around riots and resistance against oppression and injustice, each copy of the album comes with a pebble. Listeners who suggest a use for it will be given a secret personal song by the group.

"Sparkle in Grey do possess a somewhat jocund decency that makes listening to their stuff a pleasure." TOUCHING EXTREMES (Massimo Ricci)

"All in all, Thursday Evening is a beautiful musical adventure where musical boundaries are broken and musical worlds merge with each other." VITAL WEEKLY (JKH)

"A real innovative musical artifact."
IGLOO MAG (Philippe Blache)

"I think the version you did of 'Soft City' is better than the original..."

"Gli Sparkle in Grey sono uno dei gruppi più eleganti che si possano incontrare nel panorama italiano." SENTIREASCOLTARE (Stefano Pifferi)

"Gran disco, consigliato!" BUSCADERO (Lino Brunetti)

"Gli Sparkle in Grey compongono in modo intelligente, ispirato, sapiente, genuino e provocatorio, esattamente come il sasso che allegano al CD." INDUSTRIAL [r]EVOLUTION (Giovanni Rossi)

"Un gruppo tra i più lucidi nel far integrare chitarre effettate, sound digitale [...], violini, trombe e violoncello." ONDAROCK (Gianluca Polverari)

"Tra avvincenti partiture strumentali troviamo anche tre cover molto peculiari quasi a congiungere tra loro in una mappa invisibile diverse realtà sommerse delle scorse decadi." RUMORE (Vittore Baroni)