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Official releases

The Bones of Quietness    
2018, Grey Sparkle    
Brahim Izdag Brahim Izdag (Radio Izdag Edition) Es Prohibido Cantar
Es Prohibido Cantar
2016, Old Bicycle Records / Grey Sparkle / Moving Records
10 euros
2016, Grey Sparkle
Digifile gatefold CD + CD-R "Radio Izdag" in special paper package with handmade drawings (one per each copy) + 2 pins
Limited to 25 copies

35 euros
2015, Grey Sparkle
Limited 55 copies double CD in special 15x15 cardboard with personalized drawing on each copy
19,90 euros
Perversions of the Aging Savant with Controlled Bleeding
Thursday Evening
2015, Off records/Old Bicycle
CD in digifold sleeve
10 euros
Thursday Evening
2014, Grey Sparkle/Lizard/Old Bicycle/Under My Bed/Moving Records + Gattolino Books
CD in cardboard gatefold windowed cover with stamps + pro printed 28 pages calendar booklet
12 euros
CD in cardboard gatefold windowed cover with stamps
+ pro printed 28 pages calendar booklet
+ CD-R "Whispering the Calendar" with hand painted cover
+ 42x60 cm Poster

sold out
Thursday Evening Thursday Evening - Riot Edition
Thursday Evening
2013, Grey Sparkle/Lizard/Old Bicycle/Show Me Your Wounds

Digipack CD
10 euros
Digipack CD + 42x60 cm Poster + Hand painted stone + Secret song
20 euros
Mexico Mexico - Deluxe Edition Goose Game EP
Mexico Mexico Deluxe Goose Game
2011, Grey Sparkle/AFE/Lizard/Old Bicycle/MCL
2011, Grey Sparkle
Digifile CD
9 euros
Digifile CD + CD-R in special 7'' package + 7 pins set
18 euros
mp3 release. Freely downloadable or CD-R included in the "Mexico Deluxe Edition"
Whale Heart, Whale Heart A Quiet Place Nefelodhis
whale heart a quiet place nefelodhis
2010, Black Fading/Grey Sparkle/MCL
w/ Tex La Homa
2008, Disaster by Choice
2007, Musica di Un Certo Livello/Cold Current
w/ Maurizio Bianchi
Limited edition 180 gr. vinyl LP
12 euros
Gatefold sleeve CD with inserts
8.50 euros
Cardboard CD with inserts
7 euros
The Echoes of Thiiing The Coldest January  
the echoes of thiiings that january when  
2005, Afe Records
w/ many others
2004, sine3pm/ctrl+alt+canc
w/ Cria Cuervos
Limited edition double CD-R
15 euros
mp3 release. Freely downloadable  

Addosso!!! Il Circolo della Vela - vol.6 Quit Having Fun
addosso!!! circolo della vela quit having fun
2011, Ribéss/ANPI
2010, Il Circolo della Vela
2009, Boring Machines
Triple CD in deluxe DVD file format
15 euros (shipping included)
Limited edition CD-R
sold out
Lim. edition double gatefold CD-R
8.50 euros (shipping included)
Even Dogs Like to dance You Get So Alone Voodoo Rewoork and...
even dogs like to dance you get so alone voodoo ovo
2009, Cane Bagnato 2008, Harha Askel
2008, Moriremo Tutti Records
Limited edition CD-R
5 euros (shipping included)
sold out Limited edition CD-R
10 euros
Squashing Charm A Gift For... (°|°)  
smashing charm a gift for You may find other mp3 collaboration releases between Sparkle in Grey and other artists on the Sparkling Sodality Releases page:
Nicola Ratti
Logoplasm/Paolo Ippoliti
Estremisti Semantici Uniti
2007, Kosmic Elk Mind
2004, Grey Sparkle/Wallace/ ctrl+alt+canc/ Ebria...
w/ many others
sold out mp3 release. Freely downloadable  

Slowmotion Quattro Erogenic... Onomatopeic Cigarettes
slowmotion telepherique dea fabriek quatro erogenic urkuma
2007, Force of Nature
2004, Afe Records
2003, chmafu nocords
CD jewelbox
7 euros
CD jewelbox
sold out